author's note


I had tried my hand at song writing before but never really got anywhere with it because I could never complete a song. This changed when I was on mission in St. Lucia. I was sitting in prayer one morning, mentally standing before the cross on which Jesus hung, thanking him for all that he had secured for me. There were many things to thank him for, and I listed them all, one by one, I felt that not every believer realized how much Jesus had actually accomplished for us by his death and resurrection. I needed to teach them. But how could I teach them in a way that they remembered?


"Write a song," I heard Jesus say. And almost simultaneously I felt a tune and words start popping into my head. I grabbed a piece of paper, which was a receipt I got at St. Lucia airport, and scribbled down whatever came to mind. It took less than five minutes from start to finish. I turned on the recorded on my phone, sang the song, sent it across to my friend Swapna, who was a singer/songwriter, and asked her to see if she could do anything with this.


Before the day was over she sent me one of the most haunting melodies I have heard and I knew I had my first real song. I suspected it wouldn't be the last. In the time since then this song has been recorded in over a dozen different languages and has become a standard song taken for my outreaches.  

©2017 Aneel Aranha