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Once there was a woman who was living a life of sin
With a broken heart and an aching soul she was empty deep within
Like many of us who are just like her she tried to fill the space
With wine and song and men and sex she ran the crazy race

Then there came a day when they caught her in the act
They hauled her before Jesus to see how he’d react
Cause the law of Moses decreed the punishment for a crime like this
Was a stoning by everyone who thought this was remiss.

Jesus said, if there’s anyone here without a single sin
Take a stone and throw it at her and do the woman in
One by one each hand dropped and the stones fell to the ground
Every man there hung his head and walked back into town

Jesus said to the woman, Has no-one condemned you?
The woman said, No one, Lord, now its up to you.
She looked at him with dread and fear wondering what would be
But Jesus smiled, said: sin no more; live forever free.

I’m free, I am saved
Im forgiven from my sin
Cause Jesus Christ the Son of God
Has taken me home with him

I will live forever free
With Jesus as my Lord
With my Father and the Spirit
Holy Triune God

© 2017 Aneel Aranha




author's note

After my third song, Eyes of Love, I started writing a song about the Samaritan woman who met Jesus by the well, but by the time I got to the second verse, I couldn't get further​. I kept returning to it every now and then, wanting to finish it with a message about the Holy Spirit and springs of eternal life, but didn't get anywhere. About six months after I started it, I thought about another woman who led a life similar to the Samaritan woman and the things that happened to her. I finished the song in thirty minutes and gave it to Brandan, whose enthusiasm for the things of God matches his amazing talent, and he put together a tune in less that three minutes. I wished I could write as quickly!