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author's note

I first met Joel when he was 14 years old. His sister Jovita was 12 at the time​. They wanted to sing and play for the prayer meetings that I had going then, and even at that age they were good enough for me to agree. Today, about nine years later, their talent is prodigious, and while Jovita can play just about anything, her brother can sing just about anything. That, as much as the fact that he is still very close to my heart made me want to include a track sung by him. I asked him if he would sing a song for me, and he promptly said he would. The only problem was that I didn't have anything for him to sing; all the songs I had written had already been sung (or were being worked upon). It took three weeks for inspiration to strike but the moment I had the words down I knew Joel would do a great job with it. As you will surely agree, he did. 

©2017 Aneel Aranha