author's note

This was the second song that I wrote following 'The Blessed Lamb of God'. I was in Lebanon on mission at the time and there were miracles taking place wherever we went. Jesus had said that those who believed in him would do miracles in his name and we were beginning to take it as par for the course. There was a lot of skepticism, however, when I told people that they could do this as well, so I thought it would be nice to write a song declaring all the things that Jesus said we could do in his name just as he said it.

On the third day in Lebanon we had a session with about 500 college students and testimonies of healing poured out from the youngsters, many from outside the faith. On the way to our next session this song came to me, and I immediately put it down on my iPad. Young Brandan was in the car, along with fellow missionaries Joseph Khadige, Gaby Khawam, Leslie and Sharon D'Mello. I handed him the iPad, sang the song to him in a rather feeble tune that I had used to write the song (it's the only way I can write songs), and told him to see what he could do with it. He came up with this catchy melody that I simply loved and I felt that maybe I was more than a one-song-wonder.

©2017 Aneel Aranha