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He’s alive, He’s alive,
He is risen from the grave and he’s alive,
Jesus Christ who died for us is alive.

Our Father in heaven who loved us all,
He sent his Son to take the fall
So whoever believes in him will never die.
But first of all we must confess
That we’re sinners in an unholy mess
Needing a Savior to take us back to home.
(John 3:16; 1 John 1:9)

So Jesus came and he died,
After being scourged and crucified
He took our place on a cross on Calvary
Afterwards they took him down
and laid him behind a stone,
And it seemed like everything was gone.
(Luke 23:26-43)

But the angel said: Do not fear,
The tomb is empty, he’s not here,
It’s just like he said that it would be.
Now you go and tell everyone
That God’s only begotten son
Is not dead, but is risen, and alive.
(Matthew 28:5-7)

Then Jesus appeared in Galilee
For eleven frightened men to see
And he told them: Don’t be afraid.
He showed them his hands and side
Breathed on them, made them sanctified,
And said: Tell the whole world what you’ve seen.
(John 20:19-23)

I’m alive, I’m alive,
I’m born again and I’m alive,
All because he died and rose for me.

© 2017 Aneel Aranha



author's note


This came about during Lent as I heard Swapna playing a tune she had made for Eyes of Love, before I impulsively went and sang it myself with the country-western tune that I had written it to. It was a beautiful composition and I felt very bad by what I had done, but Swapna very graciously told me not to worry; she'd write another song for it about the resurrection of Jesus. She had even thought of a title for it: He's Alive.


Even as she said that, I heard the refrain play in my head: He’s alive, He’s alive, He is risen from the grave and he’s alive, Jesus Christ who died for us is alive. I told her—insisted, actually—I would write the song for her. I sat in front of my computer and in less than an hour I had the full song. It tells the entire salvation story, with the words excerpted from Scripture as much as possible, and I knew Swapna would do an amazing job with it. She did, and it is one of my favorite songs on this album.