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author's note


This came about during Lent as I heard Swapna playing a tune she had made for Eyes of Love, before I impulsively went and sang it myself with the country-western tune that I had written it to. It was a beautiful composition and I felt very bad by what I had done, but Swapna very graciously told me not to worry; she'd write another song for it about the resurrection of Jesus. She had even thought of a title for it: He's Alive.


Even as she said that, I heard the refrain play in my head: He’s alive, He’s alive, He is risen from the grave and he’s alive, Jesus Christ who died for us is alive. I told her—insisted, actually—I would write the song for her. I sat in front of my computer and in less than an hour I had the full song. It tells the entire salvation story, with the words excerpted from Scripture as much as possible, and I knew Swapna would do an amazing job with it. She did, and it is one of my favorite songs on this album.

©2017 Aneel Aranha