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author's note

With two songs—The Blessed Lamb of God and In My Name—written and sung to some considerable acclaim, I was feeling very grateful to God for this totally new expression of faith that he was giving me, and thought a song of thanksgiving was fitting. This was the result, written in fifteen minutes with a country-western beat playing in the back of my head.

A few days later, Brandan was in the studio, recording In My Name, and impulsively I told him to play some music while I sang the song. The cameraman was around and he recorded what I sang in two takes. It was very amateurish, but I was childishly pleased with the result, especially because I am not a singer. 

For the CD, however, I decided to invite one of our worship leaders, a young man named Sheldon Farrar, to sing the song and I am glad that he did it because it lifts the entire album. However, for those who'd like to hear what the original sounded, I've put it on this page. 

©2017 Aneel Aranha