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Bless your people, Lord,
With your Spirit from above,
Fill their hearts with love and saturate their souls.
Bless your people, Lord
With the power of your love,
Give them hope and help to make them grow.
They’re your children, Lord
And we bless them in your name
May they grow in faith to magnify your name.

© 2017 Aneel Aranha



author's note

During a mission to Hong Kong, the mission team went for mass and then ​decided to stay behind for a prayer meeting held by the El Shaddai group and get some additional anointing. To our surprise we were invited forward and the entire group sang a song of blessing over us before taking us back for an intimate Jesus-died-for-you-so-accept-him-and-live chat. I thought that was a little weird, but I really liked the idea of the welcome song and when I got back decided to write one for the new visitors to our prayer meetings. It was a short song that I thought Arlene Castelino, who leads one of our worship teams, would do a wonderful job with it. Together with her husband Michael they put this together and now we sing it at all our prayer meetings!