The Blessed Lamb of God is a collection of eight original songs written by Aneel Aranha and sung by international worship leaders Swapna Abraham, Brandan Hendricks, Arlene Castelino, Sheldon Farrar and Joel Castelino. The title song has been translated and sung in over a dozen international languages.



In My Name / Brandan Hendricks
Eyes of Love / Sheldon Farrar
Blood, Fire, Wind, Water / Brandan Hendricks
He's Alive / Swapna Abraham
Bless Your People, Lord / Arlene Adavan Castelino
The Ballad of the Woman Caught in Sin / Brandan Hendricks
Preacher, Preach / Joel Castelino
The Blessed Lamb of God / Swapna Abraham


Aneel Aranha

Aneel Aranha is the founder of Holy Spirit Interactive, a lay apostolate that reaches millions of people around the world. Aneel is an author, evangelist and itinerant preacher who has now started writing songs.

Swapna Abraham

Swapna Abraham is a worship leader and singer/songwriter who has ministered in several countries around the world. She has 24 albums to her credit, most of which are gospel, although she sings secular music as well.  

Brandan Hendricks

Brandan is a young 20 year old Sri Lankan who lives and works in Dubai. He has been making music since he was 3. With HSI ministries for 10 years, he is now one of them main workship leaders who travels with Aneel on mission.

Joel Castelino

Another young man who has been with HSI since its inception, Joel is remarkably versatile in both his musical abilities and technical expertise both of which are evident in the track that he sang and mastered himself.

Arlene Castelino

Along with her husband Michael, Arlene Castelino leads one of HSI's worship teams. Along with her team members, they recently released their own album Exalted. Extremely anointed, Arlene uses her talent to grow worship leaders.

Sheldon Farrar

Sheldon Farrar is a former band member who made secular music. He now sings exclusively for the Lord, mostly through HSI's worship ministry, after having a wonderful encounter with him a. few years ago. 


Roel Shawn

Roel Shawn is a multi-faceted and multi-talented young man just out of college who serves God full-time in HSI's audio-video department. He was responsible for the sound on most of the tracks on the album.

Bhupendra Gaekwad

Bhupendra Gaekwad is a person born and raised in another faith who found Jesus three years ago. He now serves him full time, using his gifts in story telling to make movies and videos.



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